Donald Trump's golf club in Westchester under criminal probe

Westchester County district attorney has launched a criminal investigation of Donald Trump's company in connection with the Trump National Golf Club and the town handling its taxes. The Trump Organization suggested the probe was politically motivated.

Trump expected to give deposition in lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump is slated to return to New York City to provide a videotaped deposition in a case about his security team’s crackdown on a protest during the early days of his presidential campaign in 2015.

Trump expected to give deposition in protesters' lawsuit

The lawsuit stems from a protest outside that same New York City tower over negative comments Trump had made about Mexico and Mexican immigrants. Trump’s testimony will be played for a jury if the case proceeds to trial.

Trump hotel in D.C. lost $70 million despite millions in foreign business

Former President Donald Trump's company lost more than $70 million on his Washington D.C., hotel during his four years in office despite an estimated $3.7 million in revenue from foreign governments. Ethics experts say Trump should have refused that business because it posed conflicts of interest with his role as president.

Trump CFO's lawyer expects more indictments in case

A lawyer for Allen Weisselberg — Donald Trump's indicted corporate finance chief — said he has a "strong reason to believe" more indictments are coming in an ongoing probe of Trump's real estate empire.