Recipe: K.C. smoked brisket Cubano dip

Kansas City is known for some of the country’s best barbeque, while Tampa is home to the famous Cuban sandwich. So to celebrate the Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and the Bucs, Dr. BBQ created this perfect mashup recipe.

Recipe: Super-charged high roller steak sandwich

It seems like every celebrity chef, including FOX's own Gordon Ramsay, has a high-end steakhouse in Las Vegas. And in Los Angeles, there's a famous fast-food chain that definitely knows the "ins and outs" of the burger business.

Recipe: Pepperoni pizza cheesesteak

Giants and Eagles fans are both passionate about their teams and they're usually bitter rivals. But one thing they do have in common is an appetite for great food. For tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup, Dr. BBQ decided to take something Philly is famous for and give it a New York City spin.

Cooking with Chef John Doherty

Chef John Doherty of Black Barn Restaurant in NOMAD is allowing people to get a peek inside his kitchen with free Instagram live cooking demos every thursday at 5pm. The demos feature Doherty whipping up simpler versions of his signature dishes such as country style black bean soup. While Chef Doherty says he has no problem sharing his recipes, you have to make them your own.

Recipe: Chocolate brownies with MoKan topping

This MoKan nut topping is rich and delicious, and Dr. BBQ says it also would work great on top of traditional box brownie mixes if that’s easier for you.

Recipe: Italian-style steak sandwiches

Good food is the key to making any super bowl party great, so we drafted Dr. BBQ to be our kitchen quarterback. He came up with a plan to "sandwich" in something delicious.

Recipe: Chicken wings with Chinatown barbecue sauce

Kansas City takes great pride in barbequing, and San Francisco is home to one of the oldest and most established Chinatown communities in the country. So here's Dr. BBQ's take on chicken wings, with a unique Asian-inspired sauce.

Recipe: Pork chop chili

This time of year, chili's a dish that's sure to warm your heart -- and your belly -- so Dr. BBQ cooked up a unique new recipe that's sure to add some spice to FOX’s Thursday Night Football. 

Recipe: California tri-tip tacos

Chargers and Raiders fans are fired up for Thursday Night Football on FOX, so Dr. BBQ decided it was the perfect time to fire up the grill and create a dish that's fit for a fiesta.

Recipe: Hollywood salmon

The Rams take on the Seahawks tonight on FOX’s Thursday Night Football, so Dr. BBQ cooked up a recipe for a fish dish with a Hollywood flair.

Good Housekeeping Cookbook

The new Good Housekeeping Cookbook by Susan Westmoreland has more than 1,200 triple-tested recipes to help you get through every meal of the day—easy recipes for busy lives. The Prosciutto Spinach Frittata muffins are perfect for brunch. If you don't use them all, they can go in the fridge for up to a week and then be reheated in the microwave in just a few seconds.