How to simplify your Thanksgiving meal prep

The editor of NY Times Cooking wants to take the pressure off Thanksgiving hosts everywhere this year.

According to Emily Weinstein, you shouldn't skip the turkey and stuffing (eventhough it 's hard to get right and people would revolt if you did), but you can simplify the rest of the meal without losing the taste.

Start with dessert, the easy way: Deep-dish Honey Apple Galette.

"It's one crust and you just fold up the sides of the dough. It's like an apple pie but it's much easier to make," said Weinstein.

Fancy canned cranberries: the high- low of conditment of the season. Simply slice cranberry sauce and plate it with sliced orange, red onion and mint.

"I think that were are seeing a little bit more apetite for that- people want a little bit more flavor. They don't want it to be bland or to be too sweet," said Weinstein.

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