Liteboxer: Punching your way to fitness

Liteboxer is an internet-connected exercise machine that guides you through a boxing-inspired workout. You can use the machine on its own or you can get a membership to access premium content.

How fitness trackers can monitor COVID long-haulers

Researchers monitored the Fitbit data of wearers who tested positive for COVID-19 and found those individuals had an elevated heart for an average of nearly three months after their initial symptoms.

NYC businesses begin vax checks: No shot, no proof, no service

New COVID-19 measures in New York City are putting restaurant servers, bartenders and ticket agents on the frontline of enforcing vaccination rules. The city is asking restaurants, gyms, museums and many other indoor venues to have patrons show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. That includes tourists.

What to do if you're caught in a rip current

Rip currents, not to be confused with rip tides, can be deadly. Swimmers who drown off New York area beaches are often caught in rip currents, often when life guards are not on duty.