Some NYC unions boycott, criticize parade

Some groups are hoping Mayor Bill de Blasio's parade doesn't distract from issues they have with the treatment of city workers. At least two municipal unions said their members boycotted the parade entirely.

National Nurses Week honors pandemic heroes

National Nurses Week is a time to publicly recognize healthcare heroes, with an extra special emphasis this year because of their work on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Farmer who donated mask to NY honored with degree

A degree has been bestowed upon a retired Kansas farmer who shipped one of his five N-95 masks to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo despite worries amid the coronavirus outbreak for his wife who has one lung.

Nurse in viral photo: 'Don't call me a hero'

Sasha Winslow, a postpartum nurse at Mount Sinai in New York City, went viral when she was photographed holding a sign outside her hospital that read "We Will Not Be Your Bodybags".

'I died and came back': 12-year-old recovers from coronavirus

Her coronavirus journey didn’t start with many of the symptoms that have affected adults — breathing problems, for example. She had stomach pain and vomiting, and her mother, who’s a radiologist, thought maybe it was appendicitis or some type of stomach problem.