New York teen holds virtual art classes for kids in shelters

Like many people, Caroline Faber of Long Island was feeling lonely at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The 14-year-old brainstormed ways to help others and in a short time went from bored to busy.

She started Craft With Me, a virtual art class over Zoom with children in homeless shelters.

Caroline and nearly two dozen volunteers, including her family, work weekly to put together boxes for less fortunate kids throughout the New York area.

Community donations go towards buying and shipping supplies to make simple projects the kids love.

"Paper, glue, scissors, watercolor, crayons and markers," she said. "A lot of the kids don't have that much but they're very appreciative."

Each week Caroline holds a handful of classes.

She credits Baked Back America for helping her get started. The organization supports Caroline's initiative and more than 50 others around the country that also foster acts of kindness. 

"Caroline's impact and her volunteers' has been hard to even put words to," founder Melissa Subin said. "We have this waiting list of children who call us now and say please can we have the art program."

It's a tricky balance between hybrid learning and finding time to volunteer. But Caroline's mom, Nicole, said her daughter always manages to pull it off.

"She could be stressed about four exams the next day but she won't reschedule zooms, she doesn't want to disappoint the children," Nicole said.

As more donations come in, Caroline promises to continue holding classes.

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