EPA drops regulation for contaminant harming babies' brains

Administrator Andrew Wheeler's announcement was the latest in a series of Trump administration rollbacks or eliminations of existing or pending public health and environmental protections, targeting Obama administration initiatives in particular. The Trump administration says the regulations are burdensome to business and are unnecessary.

Indian Point nuclear plant to begin shutdown

One of the two operating nuclear reactors at the Indian Point Energy Center north of New York City is shutting down this week. The 1,020-megawatt Unit 2 reactor will shut down Thursday night and the Unit 3 reactor will close a year later under an agreement plant owner Entergy reached in 2017 with the state and the environmental group Riverkeeper.

Coronavirus deals blow to plastic bag bans, plastic reduction

Just weeks ago, cities and even states across the U.S. were busy banning straws, limiting takeout containers and mandating that shoppers bring reusable bags or pay a small fee as the movement to eliminate single-use plastics took hold in mainstream America.

New Jersey Senate votes to ban plastic, paper bags

New Jersey is again looking to change the way customers take home food and beverages. The state Senate on Thursday voted 22-14 to ban single-use plastic and paper bags along with foam containers. The bill would not ban plastic straws, but customers would have to request them.