Mask requirement returns for Walmart, Publix employees

Starting Monday, all Publix employees will be required to wear masks, and Walmart employees will be required to wear face coverings if they work in areas with high infection rates. It remains optional for customers.

Employers can legally mandate COVID shots | EXPLAINER

The Justice Department says individuals must be informed of their "option to accept or refuse administration" of an emergency use vaccine like the coronavirus shot. But that doesn't prohibit employers from mandating vaccinations as a condition of employment.

Mario Batali harassment settlement will pay $600,000 to accusers

Disgraced chef Mario Batali, his business partner and their New York City restaurant company have agreed to pay $600,000 to resolve a four-year investigation by the state attorney general's office into allegations that Batali, restaurant managers and other workers sexually harassed employees.

Many performance venues still waiting for pandemic aid

In December, lawmakers in Washington finally passed a $16.1 billion relief package called the Shuttered Venue Operator Grant program, and help was on the way for theater owners across the country. Until it stalled.

New Yorkers cash in on growth of 'stooping' phenomenon

Last year, an out-of-work Broadway performer realized that she could make decent cash by selling stuff that New Yorkers tossed to the curb. And with so many residents fleeing the city, she found a lot of inventory.