Your dog may be eating cannabis, here are the symptoms to look out for

With recreational weed now legal in New York City there has been a growing number of incidents where dogs are accidentally eating weed and getting sick.

Masimo is a dog walker who says dogs accidentally eating used joints and other marijuana products dropped on the streets has become a serious problem.

"I try to scan the space before they go ahead of me," he says. 

"It's a very common emergency," says Veterinarian Dr. Jeremy Kimmelstiel with Bond Vet on 86th St. and Third Ave. on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  "One of the biggest changes that we have seen in the last year is the potency of the product.  The animals are coming in much more affected."

He says there are symptoms to watch for:

  • Reactive to people getting close to them
  • Urinating uncontrollably
  • Depression

He says if you suspect that your dog has consumed cannabis to get to the vet immediately.