World Trade Center rebuilding is Larry Silverstein's life

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Rebuilding after 9/11 has been Larry Silverstein's life. He leased the property where the Twin Towers once stood from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey just two months before 9/11. Instead of owning skyscrapers Silverstein would be shouldered with the enormous responsibility to rebuild.

The first building to go up was 7 World Trade Center. Silverstein and his employees at first were the only occupants.

In 15 years, there were delays and more delays. There were the victims' families to consider. Insurance payouts. Lawsuits. And in that time, Silverstein would work with multiple governors of New York and New Jersey. A major milestone was the opening the transportation hub.

Amid new construction is a tribute to the dead. The footprints of the north and south tower etched with the names of those killed on 9/11: the memorial.

A lot of construction is still going on at the site, but developers hope in just five years all of the construction will be finished. Silverstein is 85. He says he hopes he will still be around at 90, 91 when tower two is finished. Meeting goals is something the Brooklyn-born New Yorker is used to doing.

Three out of the five new world trade center buildings are opened and occupied.