Wind and water devastates homes on Long Island as cleanup begins

A massive tree toppled over piercing through the roof of this Lloyd Harbor home on Wednesday night. Inside, Ginger Murphy and her husband slept through all of the commotion.

"I thought it was like a dream," she said.

The tree narrowly missed the bed they were sleeping in by less than ten feet. Their son Mark carried them over the branches to another part of the house.

"We put on the generator, it was raining inside," he said. "It’s all repairable. At least they're alive."

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The Murphy’s are hardly an isolated incident. Tremendous tree limbs brought to the ground from Ida’s wrath remained sprawled across roads on the North Shore of Long Island for much of the day.

"It’s just crazy to even look at how much was uprooted. It’s absolutely terrifying," said one Lloyd Neck resident.

And the wind wasn’t the only issue. In Williston Park, water from flash flooding poured into homes.

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Stefano Mannino took us inside his grandfather’s house. In the 35 years he’s lived there, he says he's never seen a storm like this.

"Look at this," he said. "It’s destroyed. What do you do? You see the street flooding and the backyard flooding. It’s coming from both ends."

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Crews worked to drain floodwaters from the intersection of Herricks Road and Hillside Avenue.

And in all the years Giovanni Sanseviero lived on Long Island, he never remembers getting so much rain.

"We go from winter to a rain season, then we have two months of humidity then this," he said. I don’t know, time to buy a canoe I guess."

A spokesperson for the National Weather Service in Upton tells us so far there’s no evidence of tornadic activity in the area although damage is extensive.