What La Nina could mean for winter in New York

La Nina conditions have developed — and forecasters say there's a nearly 90% chance they'll stick around for much of the winter season.

"La Nina is below normal water that develops basically just off the Mexican and South American coast all the way to the dateline, which is about 180 degrees latitude," Steven DiMartino, the owner of NY NJ PA Weather, told FOX 5 NY. "What it does is it alters the weather pattern."

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It's too early for experts like DiMartino to predict exactly how much snow to expect in the coming months but the phenomenon could still pack a powerful and particularly messy punch.

During a La Nina climate pattern, northeastern states are more likely to experience long-duration precipitation events like snow, sleet, rain, and even ice storms.

"Especially around the New York City metro area, you're going to have a real battle on your hands between the warm air trying to push north and the arctic air trying to push south," DiMartino said.

La Nina's influence on the United States will likely be the strongest between the months of January and March but its impacts could linger into the early spring.

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