WATCH: The solution to the long TSA lines may be cuter than you think

Has the TSA gone to the dogs??? By now we’ve all heard about the major problems the TSA is facing and the even larger lines. Well it looks like the solution to these hellacious lines might be cuter than you think.

Explosive-detecting canines help speed up the process by clearing some travelers to go through PreCheck security lanes, which are much quicker because passengers don’t have to remove their belts, liquids, laptops or their shoes. (That's great because we all know our four legged friends would love to get their paws on our loafers.)

The TSA reports that 75% of PreCheck lanes moved people through in 10 minutes or less on Monday.

The normal PreCheck program required an application, background check and $85 for five years of clearance. But bomb sniffing dogs can clear a passenger for the PreCheck lane even without the background check.

These pups couldn’t have come at a better time with checkpoint lines across the country reaching marathon lengths with up to a two hour weight being reported in recent weeks.

The worry is that lines will only get worse as the summer travel season kicks off, but the new canine team will allow airports to screen an additional 5,000 passengers per day. That should double the amount of people moving through PreCheck.

Adding more dogs isn’t a cure-all since the training process is long and they have to get re-certified every year, but it is step in the right direction. Another point in the "Dog" column of the age old Dogs vs. Cats argument.