Watch: Rescuer carries frantic cat over raging river amid deadly Pakistan flooding

Dramatic video shows a rescuer being hoisted over a raging river as he struggles to hang on to a cat amid the most catastrophic flooding Pakistan has ever experienced.

Video from the emergency services shows the cat clinging to the rescuer as they safely make it across the river. Screams can be heard as the cat tries to jump off the rescuer’s back.

More than 1,160 people have been killed in flooding across Pakistan since mid-June, hundreds of them in the major surge that began last week.

Over 33 million people in the country of 220 million have been affected, including those left homeless by the destruction of more than 1 million homes. Pakistani officials have put the economic damage at some $10 billion, including everything from collapsed bridges and roads to destroyed crops.

Pakistani officials say the flooding that has hit across the country over the past weeks is like nothing they have seen before.

It has been caused by unprecedented heavy and unrelenting monsoon rains, fueled they say by the world’s changing climate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.