Watch: Man attacked by raccoon while walking in South Philadelphia

A Philadelphia man was filming baby raccoons during a late night walk in the city when an adult raccoon suddenly charged and bit him. 

Benjamin McCool told FOX 29 he was walking near 18th and Christian streets in early July when he spotted the raccoon kits scaling an alleyway fence. 

"They're like acrobats right now," McCool can be heard saying to his friends. 

McCool kept his distance as the raccoons dropped one-by-one from the fence, when suddenly and adult raccoon charged McCool and nipped him in the leg. 

"It bit me! It bit me! It bit me!" McCool can be heard screaming on the video. 

The video then cuts to McCool receiving treatment for the raccoon bite and detailing the series of rabies shots he needed. 

About two weeks later, McCool said he finished his regiment of shots that included a trio of jabs the night of the attack and three return trips for other shots. 

He told FOX 29 that if he sees raccoons again, he'll stay away.