VIDEO: Violent attack on police officer in Brooklyn Park, Minn.

A Brooklyn Park, Minn. man was convicted on Wednesday for attacking a police officer in November. The violent assault was caught on the squad car's camera and shown to the jury.

“We’re very pleased with the result,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said. “This was a horrendous assault on a police officer. It was quite an altercation for a long period of time. It’s fortunate that the officer was not hurt any more than he was.”

According to the criminal complaint, Brooklyn Park Police Officer Sean Hyman responded to a complaint of loud noise coming from a car outside of some townhomes around 12:20 a.m. on Nov. 29, 2015.

Officer Hyman talked to Lance Carr, 25, and made a background check that determined there was a felony arrest warrant for him. The officer then ordered him out of the car and had Carr’s hands behind his back for cuffing when Carr suddenly turned and threw a punch at the officer.

"Although the punch missed, Carr grabbed the officer and they fell to the ground," a press release from Freeman's office stated. "For the next three minutes, the two men were locked in a violent struggle, with Carr trying to grab the officer’s gun while punching, elbowing and strangling the officer."

During the struggle, the officer's gun fired and debris flew into the air as Officer Hyman was trying to keep the gun in his holster. Carr was subdued once other officers arrived on scene. And Hyman collapsed before being taken away on a stretcher.

"This was not an individual trying to run away," Brooklyn Park Police spokesman Mark Bruley told Fox 9. "This was an individual who even knowing officers were coming he continued to attack and choke officer Hyman."

The jury convicted Carr of first-degree assault. His sentencing was set for June 17 and Freeman said his prosecutor will be asking the judge to impose the 10 year mandatory minimum sentence for assault on an officer with deadly force.