Video: Man wrestles with shark on Fire Island beach

A 'Jaws'-dropping video shows a man wrestling with a shark at Smith Point Beach on Fire Island last month. 

The man had reportedly been fishing when he caught the shark by accident.

After wrestling with the shark, he eventually released it back into the ocean.

According to the New York Post, the creature appears to have been a sand tiger shark, a non-aggressive species of shark known only to attack humans when provoked. 

Sharks sightings have become far more common at New York beaches this summer, with at least five verified encounters where sharks bit swimmers and surfers, although there have been no fatalities.

A 16-year-old surfer was bitten by a shark in the waters off of Kismet Beach on Fire Island on July 22.

On July 20, the body of what is believed to have been a dead juvenile Great White Shark washed ashore on the beach of the village of Quogue.

On July 13, a sand tiger shark bit a surfer in the water off Smith Point County Park in Suffolk County. 

And on July 8, a shark bit a teenage lifeguard off of Ocean Beach on Fire Island.