US Marshals arrest 148 fugitives, clears 155 warrants

No two days are the same at the U.S. Marshal's Office. Deputy Amelia Swenhaugen knows that better than anyone.

"It's what we do 365 days a year, but this particular week is a focus on particular individuals while we have more resources available and other people bring in their cases. Some days it's easier than others," said Swenhaugen.

Due to Saturday's fugitive sweep, these kind of days are especially rewarding.

Going door to door, targeting individuals with felony warrants for things like robbery, sexual assault, and dangerous drugs, it's all apart of 'Operation Justice.' 

It's an annual sweep to put higher level felons behind bars.

While FOX 10 was filming, three arrests were made.

"All three were probation violation. For one individual, it was a child abuse underlying offense. The other one was drugs. For the third, it was a solicitation to commit misconduct involving weapons," said Swenhaugen.

Swenhaugen says it's not always easy to tell what will be waiting on the other side of the door.

"We see everything from somebody opening the door, come in to the door saying, 'Yes, it's me,' and we get them in custody with no issue, to somebody else that's wanting to barricade, or resist, or fight. So we see from A to Z," said Swenhaugen.

In the end, 'Operation Justice 2017' was responsible for arresting 148 fugitives, and clearing 155 warrants, something Swenhaugen says is a team effort.

"We're lucky we work together quite a bit. Fortunately, we work with also state and local partners that we are able to train with sometimes, and actually get on the same page when it comes to apprehended individuals, so today was a good day," said Swenhaugen.

Law enforcement wrapped up the valley wide fugitive round up involving 24 law enforcement agencies from Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

Arrests were made for other offenses, including obstruction of justice, child neglect, and extortion.