Theodore Roosevelt Institute continues president's work

Theodore Roosevelt’s great-grandson Tweed stood Friday where the former president once stood to address the people - on the porch of what was known as the summer White House. 

"I lived in this house when I was a kid, I didn’t live permanently but I often spent the night here," said Tweed Roosevelt. 

The elder Roosevelt is remembered as a charismatic and pragmatic man who had an influence on not only the State of New York but also the country and the world. 

Tweed is carrying on his great grandfather’s legacy through the Theodore Roosevelt Institute at LIU-Post. 

New York State grant money will go towards university renovations where the Roosevelt Institute will serve as an educational resource.  

"The Roosevelt Institute will advance the legacy of a true American icon and provide a national platform for seminars, lectures, international scholars, workshops, educational programs and conferences on Roosevelt, his time, contemporaries, focusing on leadership and the presidency," said Dr. Kimberly Cline, President of LIU-Post. 

Roosevelt’s great grandson says the former president was a bipartisan politician whose success was derived from bringing together both sides. 

"This is a time we’re in great turmoil we’re having terrific problems of coming together, we're pulling apart," said Roosevelt. "We’re destroying our Americanism idea, TR is one of many voices that can help us rethink and begin to heal our system which is going through a bad time."