Texas woman accused of mailing bombs to Obama, Abbott

A Texas woman is accused of sending homemade bombs to President Barack Obama and Texas Governor Greg Abbott that prosecutors say could have severely burned or killed the two leaders.

Investigators say Julia Poff, 46, also mailed a bomb to the Social Security Administration Commissioner.

Court documents filed in district court in Houston last week show that Abbott opened the package, but it did not explode.

Poff was indicted earlier this month on six counts, including mailing injurious articles and transporting explosives "with the intent to kill and injure."

Records show the Waller County woman is being held at the Houston federal detention center.

Federal investigators traced the improvised explosive device sent to Obama to Poff because of some cat hair found under an address label. The device contained a cellphone, a cigarette package and a salad dressing cap.

Poff has pleaded not guilty and will remain in jail until her trail, which is scheduled for sometime in January.

Poff's attorney, Ashley Kaper, declined to talk to an Associated Press reporter Friday.