Texas school shooting: Mother of Parkland shooting victim fighting for change

Life hasn’t gotten any easier for Linda Beigel Schulman. The Long Island mother tragically lost her son, Scott Beigel, the heroic geography teacher who was gunned down as he tried to shield his students in the Stoneman Douglas school shooting four years ago. 

"It's torture," she said. "It’s literal torture. It’s not reliving. You’re always living it. It never leaves you."

And each time another mass shooting unfolds - Linda knows exactly what the victims’ families are going through.

"My heart is broken and breaks into more pieces because I can’t believe where we are today," she said. 

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The grieving mother’s mission is fighting for gun safety - she says it’s not about taking guns away but it’s about being a responsible gun owner.

"The shooter didn’t act alone," she said. "He got help from the NRA, Governor Abbott, the Lt. Gov of Texas, the Texas Attorney General, Texas Sen. Cruz, Sen. McConnell, the U.S. Senate Republicans and the entire Texas legislature and the Supreme Court that values guns over lives." 

Agony is now met with anger each time she says innocent people are killed and nothing changes. She urges people to think long and hard before they vote this year.

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"The people on the right and left need to meet in the middle." 

Until that happens Linda vows not to mourn Scott’s death but to celebrate his life and keep on fighting for positive change.