Teen with autism creates T-shirts to spread kindness

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A teen with autism from Cumming has her own business to spread kindness across the country. Jordyn Moore's parents wanted to help her learn job skills before she graduated high school, so the teen now works twice a week packaging and sending T-shirts that say "Be Kind to Everyone." 

"My husband and I worried a lot about what was going to happen when Jordyn aged out of school," said Jordyn's mom Jackie Moore. "We wanted her life to have meaning, have a purpose, but she has several struggles because of her autism," said Moore.

Jordyn struggles with communication, motor skills, and social skills, but she is able to fulfill orders for her shirts with the help of typical teen Sarah Chirchirillo. Jordyn also worked with her occupational therapist to learn the motor skills needed to fold and package the shirts.

This started as a summer project, but now, just a few months and more than 8,500 shirts later, the Moore's said Jordyn isn't stopping anytime soon. "Jordyn's Summer Shirt Project" is here to stay.

"In this world, we could use a little more kindness spread around, so I think that helped and people just wanted to see Jordyn succeed," said Jackie. "It's been amazing."

"Jordyn's Summer Shirt Project" has now shipped shirts to all 50 states and has a Facebook page where kindness is shared and positivity is promoted. Jordyn's mom said this project has truly changed her daughter's life.

"The confidence she's gained through it has been amazing," said Jackie Moore. "Everyone in school knows her. Her teachers come up and ask her about the project. Suddenly people are talking to her about what she's able to do," said Moore.

International Kindness Day is Tuesday, November 13, and Jackie Moore says she hopes you'll think of Jordyn and do a kind act for someone on that day.

"Think before you react, smile a little bit more," Moore said. "Kindness can go a long way, and it doesn't cost a thing."

If you'd like to buy a shirt from Jordyn, click HERE. bekindtoeveryone.com/

If you'd like to visit her Facebook page, click HERE