Subway fare beating is rampant and Mayor Adams wants the crime prosecuted

NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants minor crimes like fare evasion to get attention and be prosecuted by district attorneys.

"If we start saying it is alright for you to jump the turnstile we are creating an environment where anything and everything goes," said Adams during a news briefing in the Bronx Monday.

DA's in Brooklyn and Manhattan's DA Alvin Bragg have opted not to prosecute turnstile jumpers.

The message comes as every category of major crime this year is up except for murders where there were two fewer this year compared to last.

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Through Sunday, 284 people were involved in 253 shootings this year. Both figures represent a greater than 17% increase.

Adams said that if prosecutors decline to press charges against fare evaders the city is sending "the wrong message."

Crime continues to plague the city as the revamped anti-crime unit took to the streets this week.

On Monday alone, there were at least four shootings. A girl, 7, was grazed by a bullet on Coney Island. A woman was shot in the face in Canarsie. A man was shot in the leg in Morrisania and another man was shot in the leg at the Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City.

"Go after those guns," added Adams.