Snowstorm amid pandemic: More stress or much-needed relief?

A major snowstorm rolled into the Northeast on Wednesday at a key moment in the coronavirus pandemic, days after the start of the U.S. vaccination campaign and in the thick of a virus surge that has throngs of people seeking tests per day.

A deadly virus, months of social unrest, and now more than a foot of snow? For people who've already had it, this is just about putting them over the edge. This is not the way 2020 was supposed to end. Or was it? 

As psychologically taxing as this year has already been, the thought of trying to dig out your car or panic buy at the grocery store could once again have your mind spinning. But experts say there are ways to cope.

"Depending on the snow, depending on the school situations, depending on COVID protection, it may be possible for kids to go out and play," Dr. Jeptha Tausig, a clinical psychologist, told FOX 5 NY. "It may be possible for families to enjoy some special times."

It is yet another silver lining in a year filled with challenges for every American. Tausig said you can make this snowfall one to remember — in a good way.

"Trying to find those moments of beauty and gratitude that help us through such tough times," she said.

Even the governor of New Jersey said this is a lot to handle.

"Our theme today ought to be, 'If it's not one thing, it's another,'" Gov. Phil Murphy said as he gave residents some new storm guidance — mask up if you help your neighbors shovel.

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