Are you a digital hoarder?

Deleting your memories from your devices can be painful. Is that why so many people hoard their digital files?

Ways to cope with 'holiday blues' this season

Signs you may be experiencing "holiday blues" include fatigue, losing interest in activities you normally enjoy, trouble making decisions or concentrating, withdrawing from friends and family, anger, irritability, and sadness.

Veterans rescue horses to help other veterans

Amy McCambridge-Steppe and her husband Mark Steppe, both veterans, founded the Unbridled Heroes Project. Last year, they rescued four wild mustangs from government round-ups in Nevada and Wyoming and brought the horses to New Jersey.

Dogs training to become therapy animals for fire department

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in Florida is expanding a program to help the men and women of the department. The group is working with the county's animal services and the Greyhound Association to adopt dogs of different breeds to be trained as station therapy dogs.

Living ‘100 Days Without Fear’

If you had asked Michelle Poler 10 years ago if she’d ever try skydiving, the answer would likely have been no. But when she moved to New York in 2014 from Venezuela, Poler jump-started a movement that not only empowered herself, but thousands of others to step outside of their comfort zones.

Would you live '100 Days Without Fear'?

Motivational speaker Michelle Poler decided to face her fears and tackle 100 different challenges that scared her the most, titling her project "100 Days Without Fear." She sits down with FOX 5 NY to discuss her experience and how we can all learn to live a braver life.