Siena College poll: Long Islanders pessimistic about local economy

When it comes to attitudes about the local economy most Long Islanders we spoke with were pessimistic. 

Findings from a Siena College Research Institute poll show that’s actually the general consensus - Long Island consumers are down about their immediate financial future as compared to their neighbors throughout the metro area. 

"In metro New York City, the score is 80," said Don Levy who is the Director of Siena College Research Institute. 

The lack of enthusiasm Long Islanders are showing could reflect political views and the price for a gallon of gas. 

"Consumers on Long Island are more pessimistic and there are more Republicans and the fact that we drove more than people in NYC do, and we’re more sensitive to gas prices," said Lawrence Levy who is the Executive Dean for National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University. 

According to the poll, the sentiment of those living in the city has risen dramatically within the last year while here on Long Island many have been stuck in a holding pattern. 

According to findings, one of five people plan to buy a car, purchase furniture or invest in home improvements over the next six months.


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