Secret Santa pays off $40K of layaways at local Walmart

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(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

A Secret Santa paid off more than $40,000 worth of layaways at a local Walmart.

Kimberly Green's grandkids had a big Christmas list. But she would find that a Secret Santa took care of the gifts coming their way...purchased from Walmart in Millville, NJ. 

"I was like, "really?" Like we need to check somebody? Call somebody?"

That was Kimberly's reaction after finding out from her daughter who works at the Walmart. More than $700 of the remaining balance for gifts on layaway was mysteriously covered. 

With nine grandkids in the family, any Christmas list would be costly. 

"Yeah it was a challenge of course because I mean, spending money on stuff is not always easy, but you gotta do what you gotta do for kids," said Kimberly.

Store managers will only say it was a local business person who dropped nearly $40,000 to pay off layaway orders for more than 200 people, including Kimberly. 

"You kind of can be at ease now. Like ok, you ain't got to worry about that big expense," she said.

Those gifts are being kept in an undisclosed location away from the house and the kids. But the warmth of a stranger's generosity has already filled their household this holiday season. 

"What can you say but thank you, you know? Like I don't know who it is. I'm not trying to find out. I'm not trying to take that person's blessing," said Kimberly.