Sandy Hook PSA 'Tomorrow's News' focuses on preventing violence today

A new, powerful PSA released by Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit in Newtown, Connecticut led by family members whose loved ones were killed five years ago, sends the message of recognizing the signs before tragedy can happen. 

The "Tomorrow's News" PSA shows a news reporter covering a tragic school shooting before the shooting actually occurs, interviewing family members of potential victims, would-be first responders, and students.

"When the shooting starts happening tomorrow, first I'll probably just think it's firecrackers or a car backfiring or something," one woman says. 

"He told some of us that his dad kept a gun in his closet and he always talked about using it, you know, on the people that bullied him," said a student. "Tomorrow, I'll probably say that I wish I told someone," he said.


Even the students posing in the video as the bullies say they'll probably feel bad tomorrow, but for now they'll still keep picking on him because he's "pretty weird."

Thursday, December 14, will mark five years since the shooting that took the lives of 20 first-grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School along with six educators. 

The gunman, Adam Lanza, shot and killed himself at the school. He had also shot and killed his mother at her home before going on his rampage.

The goal of Sandy Hook Promise is to educate people through violence prevention programs. This year's PSA comes on the heels of the powerful PSA the organization released last year showing how easy it was to overlook the warning signs of someone contemplating gun violence.

“It’s easy to know the right thing to do after it’s too late to do anything," said Greg Han, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO New York. "In this PSA, we illustrate that when it comes to gun violence prevention, the stakes are too high to let that continue to be the case. We hope this moves people to support Sandy Hook Promise in expanding its Know the Signs programs,” he said.

The group plans to hold a moment of silence via Facebook Live Thursday to remember those lost in the Sandy Hook shooting five years ago.