Rogue hot air balloon at Missouri festival leaves 1 injured

At least one person was hurt after an out-of-control hot air balloon ripped through a crowded festival in Missouri on Saturday after organizers said an "experienced balloonist" grazed a tree.


Video taken of the incident at the Hannibal Bicentennial Celebration in Hannibal, a city roughly 120 miles northwest of St. Louis, shows a crowd of people watching as a green and black hot air balloon in the air heads toward them.

With the balloonist inside the rogue balloon's basket, it hits the ground and barrels forward, knocking through people, chairs and past a tree. The balloon moves forward, and eventually heads into an open field and higher into the sky.

A young girl was knocked down during the incident, the committee overseeing the celebration told Fox News on Sunday.

"Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, and the event continued," officials said. "We are relieved to report nothing more serious."

A website for the event advertised a viewing on Saturday night of a "balloon glow," which featured balloons "lit up on the ground after dark," and the opportunity to ride in a balloon.

An event for early Sunday was also scheduled for a sunrise balloon launch. Committee organizers said that all further events were scheduled to continue after the incident on Saturday.