Robotic dogs, drones put into action in Lower Manhattan parking garage collapse

New York City recently showcased its latest technological upgrades, including a robotic dog and drones, which were put into action during a parking garage collapse in Lower Manhattan last week that killed one person and injured several others.

Mayor Eric Adams praised the technology, stating that, "We had to find out if there were more innocent people inside the location and do as much as possible. And we needed to accomplish that task without putting other first responders in danger."

With the parking garage and street threatening to collapse even further, the city sent in its new robotic team. The robotic dog, which cost the city about $750,000, went in on the ground level to search for survivors. Three drones were launched overhead, including one that was smaller and maneuvered inside the building. 

All the information and video that was collected was relayed in real-time, allowing first responders to assess the situation without putting themselves in danger.

The introduction of the robotic dog has been met with criticism, with some questioning the potential for abuse of the technology. However, the city has vowed to only use it to keep people safe.