New app teaches kids how to become financially successful

A new app called BusyKid is teaching kids how to become financially literate and successful. The app allows children, with their parent’s oversight, to buy fractional amounts of a share of a stock and also teaches children about donating to charities and saving. Children earn money by doing chores at home like getting the mail, helping someone or babysitting a sibling, and they receive a paycheck every two weeks.

Dating apps leak personal data, Norwegian group says

Dating apps including Grindr, OkCupid and Tinder leak personal information to advertising tech companies in possible violation of European data privacy laws, a Norwegian consumer group said in a report Tuesday.

Texas online gamer saves UK teen who had seizure

A British teen who had a seizure while playing an online game with a Texas woman earlier this month was reportedly saved when his opponent alerted first responders from thousands of miles away.

Are you a digital hoarder?

Deleting your memories from your devices can be painful. Is that why so many people hoard their digital files?