Tesla parking lot feature investigated

The U.S. government’s highway safety agency is gathering information on reports of malfunctions with a Tesla feature that lets drivers summon their cars in parking lots.

Google wins case over EU's 'right to be forgotten' rules

Handing Google a major victory, the European Union's highest court ruled Tuesday that the EU's "right to be forgotten" rules that allow people to control what comes up when their name is searched online do not apply outside the 28-nation bloc.

Subway Book Review

Five years ago, Uli Beutter Cohen started @SubwayBookReview, an Instagram account featuring photos of straphangers with their current reads. It now counts some 114,000 followers.

Fighting hate and violence online

Representatives from Facebook and Google testified before the House Judiciary Committee to detail what they are doing to combat hate on their platforms. Facebook public policy director Neil Potts said its artificial intelligence technology helped the company take down millions of copies of the New Zealand mosque shooting after it was livestreamed last month.

Australia's new social media law

Australia hopes its new laws that threaten prison and major fines for social media executives who fail to quickly remove violent livestreaming from their platforms will become a model for other countries.

1 year without a smartphone

Elana Mugdan is trying to go a year without using her smartphone. Vitamin Water chose Mugdan's "No-Phone" infomercial from more than 100,000 entrees, it says, in an attempt to demonstrate how we all ought to resist the monotony of scrolling, the same way Vitamin Water resists the monotony of bottled water.

Paris Hilton

Mogul Paris Hilton talks about travelling about 300 days a year as she runs her social media, perfume, skin care and DJing empires.

Quitting Facebook

Walt Mossberg, the elder statesman of tech columnists, sent shock waves Monday when he announced he is quitting Facebook.

Amazon in Queens?

Retail and tech giant Amazon is reportedly planning to create a massive workplace in Long Island City, Queens. But can the area handle the influx of workers?

VIDEO: Manhattan violence

The NYPD released security camera video in connection with an apparent fight and beating that took place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Oct. 12, 2018. Police hope to identify the people seen in the video.