Rescue organization trains pit bulls to become narcotics officers

A Philadelphia dog rescue organization is giving pit bulls the chance to disprove the stigma around the breed by training them to become narcotics detection officers.

Carol Skaziak runs The Throwaway Dogs Project, which trains rescue dogs of all breeds to work as police dogs, and donates them to police departments. When Skaziak realized that pit bulls have many of the properties necessary to work as narcotics detection dogs, she saw a great opportunity.

Skaziak told Fox 29, “This is a win win, not only for the dog, but also for the department and for the community.”

Skaziak knows many people have strong feelings about pit bulls, but she wants to prove to both the public and the police that pit bulls have what it takes to be members of the force. Skaziak showed this off with Wildflower, a female rescue pit bull.

“We’re here to show you today and prove to you not only does she have an amazing personality, but she also has what it takes to be a police dog,” said Skaziak. 

Even when Wildflower was taking part in an exercise aggressively searching for drugs, she had no problems adjusting her attitude when a friendly bystander was introduced to the exercise.

If Skaziak’s program is successful she will give many dogs a second chance at life, while giving police departments a chance to save on paying for expensive dog training.