Report: Citi Bike neglects poor, minority neighborhoods

A report published Wednesday claims that the Citi Bike bike-sharing network overwhelmingly serves parts of the city which are privileged in income, race and education. 

“If you compare who got Citi Bike when it started in 2013 and who has gained it since then, 1.2M New Yorkers have gained Citi Bike access since 2013, but fewer than 50,000 of them are underprivileged New Yorkers who don’t have good subway access,” said Professor David Wachsmuth, who helped create the report.

The city transportation department which decided where the bike stations are located, says that it is expanding into diverse neighborhoods, in addition to “expansion in recent years into communities such as Harlem, Red Hook and Bushwick, as well as a dockless bike pilot in the Bronx.”

Citi Bike told FOX 5 NY that it is continuing to focus on bike share equity.