Remorseful thieves return stolen puppy to little girl

Having anything stolen in a burglary is bad enough, but a little girl’s puppy is the lowest of the low. As reported by the BBC an 8-week-old labrador named Sasha was stolen from a family’s home in Melbourne, Australia. 

Sasha belonged to 4-year-old Maia, who was devastated upon learning her best friend was taken. 

Sasha’s dad, Ryan Hood, told Australia’s Today, “"We've only had her a week, but she's part of the family. She was my daughter's best friend, and those two spent each night falling asleep together in the dog bed."

The story made national news, and it’s quite possible the thieves realized they crossed a line. Everyone rejoiced days later when Victoria Police tweeted that Sasha had been returned to 4-year-old Maia just days after the burglary. 

“We didn't want to get our hopes up. And then this morning, my wife got up to make herself a coffee, walked past the sliding door, and noticed that there was a figure moving by the kennel. We think that whoever took her has either has a conscience or got scared and just dropped her over the fence ... we don't care to be honest, we're just glad to have her back," Hood said.

The jewelry, laptop, and ipad that were stolen were not returned, but those can easily be replaced. A friend, however, cannot. 

Sasha is in good health, but developed a "fascination for shoes" while she was absent. 

Watch the video to see the beautiful reunion of Maia and Sasha.