Protocol for closing NYC schools due to COVID based on number, where spread occurred

A new protocol for closing schools due to coronavirus includes basing the decision on the number of cases and where the spread occurred, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Following his decision to end the two-case rule where schools closed if two cases were detected, de Blasio said Thursday that new data has changed the decision-making process.

If there is one case in a classroom, that class will switch to all-remote learning for 10 days. If there are two to three cases for an entire week, testing for coronavirus will double but the school will remain open.

If there are four or more cases in different classrooms that can be traced to a known exposure within the school, then the school will close and switch to remote learning for 10 days.

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"To work through these issues to find an approach that would really focus on health and safety for all adults and children alike," said de Blasio. "Thank God we now have over 65,000 adults who have been vaccinated in our school. That's a great step, but we really worked with our unions to find the best approach going forward."

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"This change will mean that while many classrooms will continue to close, the number of overall schools closed will decline, a repeated request of both teachers and parents," said UFT President Michael Mulgrew.