Protestors, supporters voice opinion on new health care bill

Many protesters showed their anger against the President's health care bill that is on its way to the Senate.

Demonstrators lined the same block in Bedminster New Jersey, but their opinions are as divided as most political conversations in this country.

"People are standing behind our president because that's the American thing to do,” said a Trump supporter.

"I think the country is more vulnerable now than we’ve ever been,” said a Trump critic.

The designated protest zone was about a mile from the President's private golf club.

It was the weekend away for President Trump as Washington continues to buzz about the House passage of the American Health Care Act.

Democrats strongly disagree with Trump’s opinion and have voiced their concerns, saying it will do the opposite.

“It will impose an age tax on older Americans. It will put Medicare trust fund at risk, reducing its long term solvency, and it will enable states to kick 14 million Americans off Medicaid,” said Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

The bill, still without a full analysis of its impact from the congressional budget office, is off to the Senate where both Republicans and Democrats are skeptical.

"They rushed through a bill without knowing how many millions of people it would hurt, without knowing how much it would cost- without a protection for people with pre-existing conditions,” said Senator Tim Kaine.

"Some of the things we're going to have to work on are the refundable tax credit we need to make sure that's sufficient so that low income people can actually buy a policy,” said Senator John Hoeven.

President Trump has taken a few phone calls and private meetings. He is set to return to the White House on Sunday.