Protesters rally at immigration detention center in NJ

Immigrants, advocates and elected officials rallied outside an immigration detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Thursday. All stood together protesting President Donald Trump's immigration policies and the recent ICE raids that have immigrant communities living in fear.

Jose is a father and husband who came from Mexico 20 years ago. He is a construction worker who says he contributing to the country. He entered the country illegally. He said he is afraid of being deported and that his children will be left behind alone. That is the story of many in this crowd. Some said they were even afraid to be here.

Some protesters went from Elizabeth to Westfield to stand outside Rep. Leonard Lance's office demanding he denounce Trump's raids and stand with immigrant families. The congressman was not in his office, but constituents were able to speak to staff and express their concerns.

Meanwhile in Elizabeth, police made arrests during the rally. Police told five activists blocking the street with a banner that read "No more deportations" to get up or they would be arrested. The group did not get up, so officers took them away in handcuffs and plastic zip ties.

Residents of Elizabeth are asking the mayor to make the city a sanctuary city and say they will continue their fight till the end.