Police say man drove wrong way through liquor drive thru

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A trip to the liquor store ends in a wreck and an arrest. A man is facing DUI charges as well as endangering the life of a child after Milton police said the man tried to drive the wrong way through a liquor store drive thru.

Police said the man came by for the third time that day, but employees turned him away because they suspected he may have had too much to drink. Police said after that, the man was very angry. He yelled and screamed in the parking lot and then he got behind the wheel, according to police.

“The driver attempted to go the wrong way thru a drive thru at a local liquor store,” said Capt. Charles Barstow, Milton Police Department.

Police said the driver missed the turn and crashed.

“He wound up over here in the trees and smashed his car,” said Bill Ivey, liquor store employee. “We wanted to make sure police came and spoke to him.”

His bumper took the brunt of the crash and when police showed up they said the driver, identified by officers as Lonnie Watkins, said he was not driving.

“He insinuated his stepdaughter had been driving and when they questioned her she said ‘I don’t even have a license,’” said Capt. Barstow.

Watkins was given several field sobriety tests. Police said he failed all of them and was arrested. In addition to DUI, Watkins also faces a charge of endangering the life of a child for having his stepdaughter in the vehicle.

“Obviously, we don't think it's good parenting, trying to get out of something when it should be something to man up to but I think he saw the error of his ways pretty quickly,” said Capt. Barstow.

Police said the girl was okay; her mom came and picked her up.

Watkins faces an additional charge of driving on a suspended license.