Police: Man arrested for saying he was officer during traffic stop

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It started with a traffic stop for going around a school bus, but ended with the arrest of Jeffrey Scott Schultz for impersonating a police officer.

Schultz caught the attention of a Doraville Police officer on Buford Highway Wednesday afternoon. The officer's dash cam video showed Schultz going around a stopped school bus in his car. The officer's body cam recorded their interaction.

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Schultz: "Are you going to exercise a courtesy to me?"

Officer: "Why should I exercise a courtesy?"

Schultz: "Because number one I did not see the bus honestly."

Doraville police said the 49-year-old man was asking for professional courtesy, as in “don't give me a ticket,” while indicating he was a police officer.

The interaction between Schultz and the officer also included this exchange.

Schultz: "I've written thousand tickets myself."

Officer: "Are you with somebody?"

Schultz: "Ugh, right now? Yeah."

Officer Gene Callaway with the Doraville Police Department said Schultz was arrested at his Cobb County home after police reviewed the case.

"Mr. Schultz is facing impersonating an officer which is a felony in the state of Georgia," said Officer Callaway.

He also said Schultz faces a misdemeanor for going around the bus.

Before charges when he was pulled over, Schultz insisted he has 27 years of experience. When a police supervisor arrived he again refused to identify his supposed agency.

Schultz: "I don't want to identify my department on tape on video, I don't do that."

Officer: "You know you don't have to just slide your ID to me."

Officer Callaway told FOX 5 News Schultz could have shown the responding police officer his police identification, which never happened:

“If you identify yourself as a police officer you have to be able to back that up,” said Officer Callaway.

He said records show Shultz was with Hapeville Police about a decade ago.

"He's no longer an active police officer," said Officer Callaway.

He said Schultz was wearing a Thin Blue Line cap in recognition of fallen police officers while talking to the officer on the side of Buford Highway.

Their interaction ended with Schulz getting a ticket for going around the school bus.

"But you’re riding with your blue hat on, but if you don't want anybody to know who you are, I wouldn't wear the hat. The court date is May 1st, 2017," said the officer as he handed Schultz the citation.

It's unclear when Schultz will make his court appearance for the felony charge of impersonating a police officer.

Officer Callaway said the outcome would have been much different had Schultz indicated he was a former cop instead of insisting he was a current cop.

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