Police: Intruder snuck into girl's room and groped her

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A Buckhead neighborhood is on alert, after police said an intruder snuck into an apartment and groped a young girl in her room.

Atlanta Police were called to a unit at the 32 Hundred Lenox Apartments early Monday morning. They said the girl felt someone slip into her bed, and then fondle her.

The report said she jumped out of her bed, turned on the light, and then saw a short Hispanic male dressed in a black hooded sweater and dark jeans.

Investigators said the girl turned on the light, and the intruder fled out the apartment through the patio door.

The intruder also allegedly stole her father's cell phone, and money from her father and mother's wallets.

"Being a young woman, you have to be really careful out there," one neighbor said. "It's terrifying."

Police searched for fingerprints in the family's home. No updates from police on the search for suspects.

The apartment complex did not return our request for comment.