PHOTOS: Groom bitten by rattlesnake while taking wedding photos

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A post-wedding photo shoot goes terribly wrong when a rattlesnake bites the groom.

Johnny Benson and Laura Loretz were married on June 20th in Fort Collins, Colorado.

After the ceremony, the couple was taking photographs in a grassy area near the church, when a young rattlesnake jumped into the path, biting Johnny on the ankle. 

"As an adventure wedding photographer, I often wade in chest-high water, hike into jungles in Costa Rica, or go on 10-mile hikes with couples on their wedding day. I never would have guessed that my only indoor church wedding this year, in my home town, would actually become the biggest adventure, and my craziest wedding story to date," said photographer Maddie Mae.

A Park Ranger came to Johnny's aid and photos show him laying on the ground, with Laura, in her wedding dress by his side.

The couple rushed to the hospital in an ambulance while the guests waited at the reception. 

Fortunately, doctors were able to determine that the snake did not release any venom into Johnny's ankle and the couple was able to return to their wedding reception to a huge round of applause.