Owner of lost ring located in sandy shoreline of Clearwater found!

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Clearwater Police photo


Megan Has been Found! 

Clearwater Police Officer Reilly returned the ring to Megan this afternoon. We love happy endings! 

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Locals know that Clearwater's sandy beaches are a treasure all on their own, but sometimes those sandy shores reveal other hidden gems.

Clearwater police ended up with one such treasure recently, a class ring from a 2016 graduate.

The inscription says "Megan" on one side and "2016" on the other. The writing around the blue stone says "Boyden-Hull Community School."

The police know that the school is located in Iowa which means Megan's vacation to the beach may have cost her this ring. The City of Clearwater doesn't want the story to end there though.

The best part about finding a treasure like this is reuniting the ring with the owner.

Police are trying to track "Megan" down and ask that anyone who might know her to call CPD at 727-562-4242.

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