NY, NJ storms leave 1 critically injured, several roads closed, thousands without power

Overnight storms in the Tri-State area left one man critically injured and caused extensive damage to trees and power lines. 

Thousands of customers across NY, NJ, and CT are without power as a result of the intense storm system.

Damage from the storm caused trees to fall on homes, cars, and into roadways. 

Clean-up efforts began Thursday morning in parts of New York City and New Jersey. 

East Orange, NJ

In East Orange, a tree fell into a family's backyard and critically injured a man. 

He was rushed to the hospital. 

The mayor is expected to hold a press conference on Thursday at 11 a.m. on the damage that was caused. 

New Jersey power outage map

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Ramapo, NJ

A similar scene also played out in Ramapo overnight where police issued a warning of multiple road closures throughout the town as a result of fallen trees. 

Several trees fell on cars and roads. Police warned people to be extra cautious as they walk and drive around the area.


Several trees were split in half and were seen blocking streets in Auburndale and Bayside, Queens.

Some of those trees fell on parked cars near 207th Street, including Michelle Yen's vehicle. 

"I freaked out. I was like, oh, my God, why does it have to be my vehicle? But luckily…there was nobody in the car," Yen said. 

New York power outage map

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Westchester County

In Somers, lightning reportedly struck a tree, causing it to fall on a parked car.