NYPD says subway crime is at record low, but riders still wary

The NYPD's top transit cop insists that straphangers are safe on the subway, but many commuters are continuing to avoid mass transit due to the nearly-weekly reports of assaults and robberies on the subway.

"What will hinder rider confidence is continued fearmongering," says NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Kathleen O'Reilly. O’Reilly told MTA board members that crime is at record lows in almost every category and it is in fact safe to ride the city subways.

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The comments directly oppose what some transit leaders have said since last year, that crime would be the ultimate deterrent to riders.

The MTA insists the crime rate has doubled when compared to a pre-pandemic March 2019. Members of the Guardian Angels who spoke to FOX 5 NY said that crime on the city's subways is the worst it's ever been.

Subway ridership has started creeping up though, the MTA said last week, two million people rode the rails on a single day, multiple times in one week.

Meanwhile, Interim president Sarah Feinberg is on the defense when it comes to crime. Feinberg says the system still doesn't feel right or safe and that doesn't mean she's fearmongering.

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