NYPD plans crack down on ATVs, dirt bikes

The NYPD is planning to crack down on the dozens of ATVs and illegal dirt bikers that have been roaring through the streets of New York City.

Video released by the NYPD captures a group of ATV and dirt bike riders not only driving in the street but on the sidewalk at East 59th and 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side.

The vehicles have been acknowledged as a nuisance by City Hall, the NYPD, and ordinary New Yorkers who say they've simply had enough.

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In some instances, the illegal joy-riding has turned violent. Police say a father and son were attacked by a group on dirt bikes in Harlem in March.

Just last week, the 111th Precinct in Queens sent out a tweet reminding residents that the vehicles are illegal.

In a statement to FOX 5 NY, the NYPD said "As the weather warms up the NYPD is conducting focused enforcement, and deploying additional resources, aimed at reducing this problematic and dangerous behavior. We are continuing to meet with motorcycle safety advocates and community leaders to amplify our message."

The NYPD says it confiscated over 3,000 of the vehicles in 2021.