NYC teen photographer builds huge following

Ryan Parrilla may only be 16, but in a New York minute, the photography sensation has amassed over 96,000 Instagram followers.

He says social media has given him a platform to share with the whole world at the touch of button.

Parrilla started tinkering with a camera as a young child, then graduated to an iPhone and only transitioned to a professional SLR camera, now provided to him by Canon, around two years ago. But growing up in New York made it possible every step of the way.

And on top of finding the perfect camera angles, the rising high school junior also has homework to do, balancing his professional and academic goals by taking photos in his free time.

Now, as he cultivates an international following, Parrilla is making deals with major brands and even exhibiting his photos in his first gallery show at New York’s Royalton Hotel.

As for what the future holds, Parrilla says "Who knows?"

Follow Parrilla at Instagram/novess.