NYC subway musician robbed by barefoot man while performing: VIDEO

Caught on camera.

A NYC subway musician was robbed as she performed on Tuesday at the 14th Street–Union Square subway station.

In the video, Natalia Paruz – also known as the "Saw Lady" – was playing a musical saw when a barefoot man reached into her bucket and stole some money before running off. 

The video shows Paruz attempting to bat him away with her bow.

In an Instagram post, Paruz wrote, in part, "It’s enough for this to happen once, for one to start thinking that everyone stopping to listen to you might steal from you. It zaps one’s energy and enthusiasm." 

In the post, Paruz noted that she filed a police report.

Subway musician struck in head with bottle

Back in February, Iain Forrest – an electric cellist who performs under the name Eyeglasses – says he was performing at the 34th Street Herald Square subway station when a woman struck him in the head with a bottle, unprovoked.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Forrest was seen playing music when the woman, who had been standing in the background, suddenly walks behind him, grabs his metal water bottle and hits him in the head with it.

"This marks the second attack I've endured in less than a year while performing for New Yorkers in subway stations," Forrest wrote on Instagram. "I don't think I can do this anymore. I'm suspending subway performances indefinitely."