NYC bracing for surge of asylum seekers as Mayor Adams pleads for federal assistance

As New York City prepares for a surge of asylum seekers once Title 42 is lifted on May 11th, Mayor Eric Adams is pleading with the federal government to step in and stop the flow of migrants into the Big Apple.

Sources close to the Mayor tell FOX 5 NY that Adams is requesting that FEMA not allow cities to use federal funds to help with the cost of busing migrants to different cities, including New York, saying those awarded money should be held to the standards that ensure they do not offload the problem to other cities that are already struggling.

This comes as the New York City Council’s Committees on Immigration and Government Operations held a joint oversight hearing Friday afternoon to better meet the needs of the newly arriving asylum seekers. 


Asylum seekers in NYC plead for right to work

NYC officials are urging President Biden to sign an executive order allowing asylum seekers to work immediately after being processed.

"With numbers increasing every day as we prepare to welcome more asylum seekers to NY at the end of Title 42, we must ensure that our services and infrastructure are sturdy enough to provide quality care for new arrivals," said Shahana Hanif, Chair of the Immigration Committee.

Right now 36,000 asylum seekers are in the city's care, forcing the city to open 110 emergency shelters and 8 Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers.

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The committees are also considering resolutions and legislation that would help migrants when it comes to having the proper documentation and knowing their rights.

One of the proposed bills would expand IDNY card access. 

"This bill seeks to permit same-day and walk-in appointments at enrollment centers," said Hanif.

According to Council member Gale Brewer, the process to obtain an ID card is not easy. She says some families are waiting months to get one.

Other pieces of legislation include the creation of an immigrant workers bill of rights and a resolution to have more legal representation.