NJ Transit price increase: How much more you'll pay starting today

If your commute takes you on New Jersey Transit, you’ll be paying more starting today.

NJ Transit price increase

Train and bus ticket fares for NJ Transit are going up 15%, with the agency citing the need to close a big budget gap and to avoid reducing services as reasons for the fare hikes.


The fare hike comes at a bad time for the agency, following several major delays and disruptions over the last few weeks. Train service has been delayed and suspended several times due to the heat and disabled trains. 

Last week, NJ Gov. Phil Murphy met with both Amtrak and NJ Transit officials. The agencies vowed to ensure operations will run a lot smoother. 

"But we will fix these problems and we will get to a place where the operations are much better than they've been in the last several weeks," said Amtrak Board Chair Anthony Coscia. "We're hoping that that's an anomaly that we don't have to have people experience again."

Fares will be raised by 3% each year after that. No fare would increase more than 15%, the agency said.

How much more will it cost you?

The rates of the fare increases depend on the type of ticket. Here's how much it will cost NJ commuters:

  • Bus (one zone local): $1.80
  • Bus (Jersey City to Port Authority): $4
  • Bus (Toms River to Port Authority): $24.40
  • Access Link base fare: $1.65
  • Newark Light Rail: $1.80
  • River Line: $1.80
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail: $2.55
  • Rail (Philadelphia to Pennsauken): $4.85
  • Rail (Princeton Junction to NY Penn): $18.40

NJ Transit FlexPass 

The measure that was approved will also get rid of the FlexPass discount and limit the life of digital and paper tickets to 30 days from purchase.

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