NJ Transit delays today: Rail service resumes in, out of Penn Station

Another hot, long, frustrating day is coming to an end for commuters on NJ Transit.

NJ Transit blamed an Amtrak overhead wire issue for rail service being suspended in and out of Penn Station, while Amtrak blamed a disabled commuter train. 

By Friday evening, New Jersey Transit said that rail service had resumed in and out of Penn Station New York.


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NJ Transit delays today: What to know as summer 2024 approaches

It was a chaotic scene at Penn Station in NYC after NJ Transit suffered heavy delays, right in the middle of the rush hour. But this summer, will service issues be limited to just NJ Transit?

NJ Transit has seen multiple incidents of major delays this month alone, with commuters facing 90-minute delays due to overhead wire issues and a disabled train earlier this week. 

In response, NJ Transit President and CEO Kevin Corbett released a statement saying, in part: "We are as frustrated as our customers, and the frequency and impact these issues are having on our customers’ quality of life is clearly unacceptable. Regarding today’s incident specifically, we’ve had rail maintenance supervisors positioned at Newark Penn Station to inspect trains in light of the recent incidents."

But NJ Transit commuters say that after a week of sub-par service, it's simply unfair. 

"It's Friday night, and it's summer, and it's 101 degrees outside, and we have to be slammed in a train? And I'm calling my elected officials? " said commuter Greg Fabiano, who endured a 5-hour commute to Elizabeth on Thursday evening. "That's my job as a constituent, but what their job is, is to fix my trains."

NJ Governor Phil Murphy has pointed the blame at Amtrak, while NJ Transit has said it's an issue with a lack of infrastructure. 

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